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$400 Cabinet + 1Gbps Special (Fremont, CA)

This is an exceptional price special for a full cabinet with a 1Gbps (gigabit) uplink. Agents: Please request the Microsoft Word (.docx or .doc) version of ...

Hurricane Electric Promotion
10% Recurring Commission on MSP and Velocloud Referrals

All agents are paid a 10% recurring monthly commission for services sold as a direct referral. We need only a company who is interested in our services and we ...

Keystone Solutions SPIFF
1Gbps x 50Mbps for $199

High Speed Internet access via cable modem. 1Gbps x 50Mbps for $199

WOW! Business Promotion
2018 Q4 Amp up! Partner Incentive Bonuses

Earn up to a 3X MRR cash bonus during Q4 with PGi! Contact your PGi Channel Manager for more information.

2X Not Enough? Earn 3X on Hosted Voice!

Expanding on the current 2X SPIFF we've decided to pay 3X on Hosted Voice orders to compliment our new pricing!

WOW! Business SPIFF
300Mbps or 600Mbps as low as $139/mo.

300Mbps for $139/mo 600Mbps for $179/mo Add a Complete voice line for $19.99/mo

WOW! Business Promotion

RingCentral, Inc. SPIFF
April SPIF Flyer

We made several updates to our SPIF structure this month. Like giving out 5-year UCx scholarships. We upped the ante to a 5X bonus if you can deliver a ...

TPx Communications (formerly TelePacific) SPIFF
Be part of a winning team


Convergia Promotion
Best In Class - Install Guarantee Program

Best-in-Class install guarantee…now through August 31, 2018 As part of a commitment to delivering a Best-in-Class customer and partner experience, ...

TPx Communications (formerly TelePacific) Promotion
Beyond Our POPs: IP Transit over Internet Exchange Points (IXPs)

ASN/BGP customers who aren't connected to one of Hurricane Electric's 121 global Points of Presence (POPs), can purchase IP Transit service over more than 150 ...

Hurricane Electric Promotion

300% BONUS ON MRC FOR MANAGED SERVICES AND HOSTED IP 1 year term = one-time bonus equal to 100% of the MRC 2 year term = one-time bonus equal to 200% of ...

Access Point Inc. SPIFF
Bring the latest collaboration tools to your customers and get 30% of the MRC!

Bring the latest collaboration tools to your customers and get more commissions! SPIFF for nTwine Conferencing orders April 16 thru June 30, 2018 . ...

PCCW Global, Inc. SPIFF
Close on MiCloud Connect - Earn an Extra $500

MITEL MASTER AGENT HONEYMOON PROGRAM Earn an Extra $500 for Your First MiCloud Connect Deal Promotion Details: Thank you for trusting Mitel with ...

Cloud Acceleration Value Products Incentive for Q4 2018

Incentive Period: Oct. 1 through Dec. 31, 2018.

CenturyLink Promotion
Colocation Specials: New Brochure

We've updated our promotional sheet for our Co-location Specials. [Summer 2017] Special #1: Full Cabinet + Gigabit for $400/month Special #2: ...

Hurricane Electric Promotion
Connectivity For IoT


Convergia Promotion
Dial it Up to Premium - MiCloud Business 2H Promotion

Dial it Up to Premium with MiCloud Business Choose MiCloud Business as your cloud communications solution and get FREE Mitel 6920 desk phone. Limited ...

Mitel Promotion
Dial it Up to Premium - MiCloud Connect 2H Promotion

Dial it Up to Premium with MiCloud Connect Choose MiCloud Connect as your cloud communications solution and get FREE Mitel IP 480 or IP 480G desk phone. ...

Mitel Promotion
Earn a 200% SPIFF on Toll Free Usage

AireSpring's Mission Critical Toll Free Voice Service offers unparalleled toll free network reliability and resiliency, while providing advanced tools for ...

AireSpring SPIFF
Enjoy the sweet SIP spiff....

5X MRC Holiday SPIFF

Convergia Promotion
ETF Buy-out Program

WOW! Business Promotion
EXTENDED! 5X With No Limits - Mitel MiCloud 4Q Spiff

3X MRR MiCloud Connect + 1X MRR MiCloud Connect 50+ Users + 1X MRR MiCloud Connect Contact Center = 5X MRR 2X MRR MiCloud Business & MiCloud Flex ...

Fantastic Fall SPIFF

While the leaves may be turning brown and the weather is cooler, you can still earn plenty of green with our Fantastic Fall SPIFF - up to 400% on our hottest ...

Windstream Enterprise SPIFF
February SPIF Program

It's that time again — chocolates, flowers, diamonds — and a host of special bonuses to help pay for all of Cupid's wares. This February SPIF ...

TPx Communications (formerly TelePacific) SPIFF
Five9 Q4 SPIFF

Go for the win and make more money with Five9!

Granite Channels Favorite Things!

Granite Channels Favorite Things Weekly Holiday Giveaway! THIS SEASON, WE ARE REWARDING OUR PARTNERS WITH GIFTS FROM OPRAH' S FAVORITE ...

Granite Telecommunications Promotion
Ignite Cloud Sales and Earn up to $100,000 with Mitel

Promotion Details You can earn up to 2X MRR on all MiCloud Solutions with Mitel’s MiCloud Ignite Program. Mitel Cloud Services - MiCloud Solutions - up ...

Large Deal Incentive for Q4 2018

Incentive Period: Oct. 1 through Dec. 31, 2018.

CenturyLink Promotion
Low usage cellular connectivity for IoT

ADDITIONAL BONUS VALID UNTIL OCTOBER 31ST 2X MRC for up to 500 SIM’S 3X MRC for up to 2500 SIM’S 4X MRC for over 2500 SIM’

Convergia Promotion
March SPIF Program

Getting your March Madness bracket right is about one in a billion. Your odds here are much better. This March SPIF flyer details how you can make ...

TPx Communications (formerly TelePacific) SPIFF
May SPIFF Flyer

Last month, we introduced our 5X UCx SPIF for 5-year contracts. This month we've added a new feature to help you close those 5-year sales. Anytime after two ...

TPx Communications (formerly TelePacific) SPIFF
MetTel Madness 2017

Sell MetTel’s Advanced Communications Solutions for Enterprise & SMB Customers and Win Big in 2017! Promotion runs 4/1/17 – 9/30/17 Click here to sign ...

MiCloud Free Phones Promo - Now with 6920

Starting November 20, this time-limited offer* for new installs of MiCloud Business or MiCloud Enterprise will now provide customers with free 6920 IP ...

Mitel Free Phone Promotion

MiCloud Business is a flexible communications solution that delivers productivity gains and reduced costs on a single, seamless and secure platform. Move ...

Mitel Promotion

Access Point Inc. Promotion
Q3 MegaPath Partner Spiffs

For Master, Alliance and Referral Partners for Master, Alliance and Referral Partners

MegaPath SPIFF
Q3 MegaPath Promotion Summary

Promotions valid July 1, 2018 to September 30, 2018

MegaPath Promotion
Q3 Promo - 20 Mbps Business Ethernet

Dedicated Speeds & Guaranteed Reliability for Only $120/mo.

MegaPath Promotion
Q3 Promo - 5x5 Mbps Ethernet

Free Installation, Equipment, & Proactive Monitoring for Only $249/mo.

MegaPath Promotion
Q3 Promo - Business T1

Free Proactive Monitoring. Price Match Guarantee for Only $199/mo.

MegaPath Promotion
Q3 Promo - Business VoIP with Free Phone

Unlimited National Calling. $19.95/mo.

MegaPath Promotion
Q3 Promo - Business VoIP without a Contract

Unlimited National Calling. $19.95/mo. No Contract.

MegaPath Promotion
Q3 Promo - Free Proactive Monitoring

With Purchase of MegaPath T1 or Symmetric Ethernet

MegaPath Promotion
Q3 Promo - Free SD-WAN with Hosted Voice + Access

Transform Your Network with Free SD-WAN. Just Bundle Hosted Voice & Business Internet.

MegaPath Promotion
Q3 Promo - MegaPath RED

Zero Downtime. Elite Support. Only Serious IT Need Apply.

MegaPath Promotion
Q3 Promo - Try MegaPath One Free for 15 Days

Award-Winning Business Phone & Collaboration Solution

MegaPath Promotion
Q4 Partner Incentives

There’s never been a better time to get to know BullsEye Telecom. We’ve beefed up our partner incentives so you cash in upfront on POTS, VoIP, and SD-WAN. ...

BullsEye Telecom Promotion
Q4 Unified Partner Spiffs

Q4 Just Got 3X Better

MegaPath SPIFF
Q4 Unified Partner Spiffs

Q4 Just Got 3X Better

Fusion SPIFF

Earn Big Before 2018 is Over! Committed to Helping You Succeed in the Channel EARN UP TO 5xMRR1 Now Through December 31, 2018 Contact ...

Vonage Business Promotion
Security Now Incentive for Q4 2018

Incentive Period: Oct. 1 through Dec. 31, 2018.

CenturyLink Promotion
Simplifying Connections

• Competitive price for low usage cellular • Multiple Cellular Network Operators in each territory to guarantee coverage even in rural area • ...

Convergia Promotion
SMASH Into $$$!

PROMO EXTENDED UNTIL 31 DEC 2018! MiCloud Connect deals closed between October 1 and December 31, 2018 will earn a partner bonus on top of the up to 5X MRR ...

The New Vonage Inside Channel Sales Team!

Vonage is very excited for the launch of the new Inside Channel Sales Team. This team will be focused on the SMB market and will provide a high level of sales ...

Vonage Business Promotion
TPx Channel Program SPIF Flyer | January 2018

You're starting off 2018 with a clean slate. But we're bringing back all the great bonus offers from last year — 4G LTE Primary, UCx, and a host of other ...

TPx Communications (formerly TelePacific) SPIFF
Triple Play

Limited time offer! Contact Your Local Channel Manager at 888.301.1721 Offer expires September 30, 2018 PLUS - earn up to $60 per POTS or Voice ...

Fusion Promotion
Up to 5 Month Free Customer Loyalty Promo

Your customers get up to five months free of Windstream Enterprise's most in-demand services For a limited time, purchase OfficeSuite UC®, SD-WAN ...

Windstream Enterprise Promotion
Vonage Business Cloud + Vonage for Salesforce Bundle

Empower Your Teams. Elevate Your Customer Experience. Cloud-based reliability. Enhanced quality of service. Vonage Business Cloud + Vonage for ...

Vonage Business Promotion
Windstream Enterprise 2018 Elite Trip

**Earn 4X Qualification points on Elite Trip now through November 30th** See attachment for details Location and Dates: NIZUC Resort & Spa ...

Windstream Enterprise Promotion
Windstream Enterprise 90-day Service Guarantee

Windstream Enterprise is so confident in the experience your customers will receive on our platform, we’re offering a 90-Day Service Guarantee. Now, that’s ...

Windstream Enterprise Promotion
WOW Hosted Voice Pricing!

NEW! NEW! NEW! WOW Business gets aggressive with brand new Hosted Voice pricing! As low as $19.99 for full featured seats!

WOW! Business Promotion
Your Customers Can Save 10% on MetTel | AT&T Managed Internet Services

MetTel | AT&T Managed Internet Service (MIS) allows for high speed, dedicated Internet access to the most necessary and useful apps. Our solutions allow your ...

MetTel Promotion